Guided imagery

Guided imagery is a non-invasive method of taking clients below the
surface to access their own creative images. This is a subtle but effective means
of gaining insight into planetary aspects”

Case Study of guided imagery

This is an example of using guided imagery with a client who had the Moon in Pisces in the ninth square Uranus in Gemini in the eleventh. Transiting Saturn was conjunct Uranus.

I led her on a short guided journey where ‘we called up’ an image for her Moon in Pisces and explored its message.

This is her image:

I see a child lying in the bottom of a small flax boat in a huge lake, looking up at vast cosmic skies, it feels fine when calm but terrifying when stormy.”

Staying with the image I asked her what the child needed, she said stability and to be grounded. I then asked what was the ‘quality’ at the heart of the image, which she named as joy.

At the time of her appointment her son was overseas, he repeatedly said he was going to ring at a certain time, and then did not follow through. This brought to the surface earlier experiences of ‘emotional abandonment’ by men.

After some discussion, she mentioned she had recently found out that her parents had left to go overseas for one month when she was 6 weeks old. As an adult, she felt she abandoned herself during difficult times, by splitting off from her emotional self and not taking her belonging needs seriously.

We discussed practical ways she could this differently (transiting Saturn). The image of ‘the little girl at sea’ prompted a caring and compassionate response towards herself and articulated both her sense of connection with the numinous, and the emotional instability she frequently experienced.

Why guided imagery works:

Self-discovery processes enable the client/student to develop a personal relationship with the symbols that emerge and giving the archetypes a means of communication in a way that is relevant and appropriate to the person concerned.

My personal story with guided imagery

My own experience of this was with a Psychosynthesis therapist. While we were not ‘talking’ astrology at the time I recognised the planetary correlations in the material emerging immediately.

I started the journey in a meadow which led to a house named the sub-personality house, I listened to the chatter and noise inside and then invited a couple of the ‘characters’ to come outside. There was an elderly lady in a very sensible (boring) brown crimpolene suit with a matching handbag, (the queen would be proud) and low healed shoes. Her name was ‘Mrs Stick with it” and she was clearly disapproving of everyone and anyone. Alongside her was Zorba, a colourful zany creature who liked to party and an appeared not to give a toss about ‘Mrs Stick with its’ disapproving stares.

I felt immediately that ‘Mrs Stick with it’ was my Moon in Capricorn. After observing her behaviour for awhile I went a little deeper and asked her what she wanted, what she needed and then what quality she represented. I repeated this process with ‘Zorba’ (my Uranus in leo).

In this powerful exercise I was able to observe my feeling response to the different parts of myself (planetary energies), which brought about a greater sense of compassion to the parts of self I found troublesome and also established a dialogue between my ‘selves’.

October 01, 2014
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