Embodying the Archetypes

Experiential astrology using practical exercises seeks to empower the student by drawing
on their existing knowledge and life experience. Students arrive at their own understanding
which opens the door to applying that knowledge to their lived experience.”

Case study for Taurus and Scorpio

Using a practical exercise to teach the meaning of Taurus and Scorpio seemed an obvious choice for these two silent types.

The group divided into two and after naming themselves A or B:
Taurus: The B’s followed me into another room. I gave them each a silk blindfold for their partner and a tray of objects and food to delight the senses.
Scorpio: The A’s were blindfolded and made comfortable before the objects were brought in. There was chocolate moose to feed them, soft feathers, aromatherapy oils, chocolate, fruits, fur, and other sensual items.

It was a challenging exercise as I encouraged them to be aware of their responses but to do it without talking.

At the end of the exercise and maintaining silence, they were asked to write down their feelings and thoughts, keep them hidden from others, and to put them blank side up on the ground. As a group we turned them over and a discussion evolved as we placed them under the umbrella of Taurus/Scorpio or both.

These are the interpretations of the zodiacal essences that emerged:

In response to feeding the blindfolded (Taurus)

  • pleasure
  • I love being fed
  • feeding my senses
  • fun
  • sensual
  • simple pleasure
  • delightful
  • yummy
  • soft
  • safe

In response to being fed blindfolded (Scorpio)

  • scary
  • erotic
  • unknown
  • trust
  • am I safe
  • where will this go
  • sexual
  • anxious
  • care for me
  • dangerous
  • daring

We then explored each of the words in more depth, enabling me to bring in related myths such as the story of Persephone and Demeter. The participants had the opportunity to experience and reflect on their relationship with both signs, which we then translated to their birthchart.

Case study for Cancer and Capricorn

In a different class I set out to invoke the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, by setting up two opposing areas, one had a mattress, pillows, a baby bottle and a teddy. The other was bare except for a man’s brown coat and hat.

Cancer: I asked a strongly Cancerian member of the group to curl up on the mattress while I sat beside her cradling her head and sang the following.
“Hush little baby don’t you cry Mama’s going to sing you a lullaby”

Capricorn: I then moved into the other space where I donned the rather grim outfit and chanted the following in a powerful voice adopting a firm stance.
“ I am strong I am invincible I am the Totara” (a well known native tree)

The students were asked to jot down their internal responses on paper and we created a visual display, which generated an exploration of the themes of each zodiac sign and the participant’s relationship to them.

These are the interpretations of the zodiacal essences that emerged:

In response to child and mother scene (Cancer)

  • tender
  • soft
  • dependent
  • holding
  • nurturer
  • weak
  • vulnerable
  • loving
  • bonded

In response the tree (Capricorn)

  • self contained
  • standing alone
  • hard
  • strength
  • unemotional
  • strong
  • been around a long time
  • stiff
  • reliable
  • very upright
  • powerful
  • unbending
  • distant
July 01, 2014
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