Artistic expression

Artistic expression can connect the student to the essence of an zodiacal sign,
allowing them to uncover their own truth of how this sign expresses itself in their chart.
This article explores how I facilitate this process in group work”

I drew upon the tool of artistic expression to open a class on Leo and Aquarius; the class was already familiar with the elements and quadruplicates so I asked them to use their imagination to illustrate fixed fire and fixed air. We created a display of their different visual interpretations and explored the themes that the images suggested:

  • Leo – powerful, enduring, confidence, strength, colourful
  • Aquarius – cool, aloof, untouchable, distant, icy, ethereal

The students were surprised at how their spontaneous drawings of colour and shape articulated the essence of these two different energies, particularly those whose charts highlighted the two signs.

June 01, 2014
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