What is Psychological Astrology?

Psychological Astrology

A powerful ally for psycho-spiritual unfoldment…

Psychological Astrology weaves together the twin fields of Depth Psychology and Astrology; both being concerned with the landscape of the interior self.

Astrology is considered the elder sister of psychology and though ancient in origin it has been reinterpreted and expanded in the light of contemporary psychology.

Traditional Astrology viewed the birth chart as a set of fixed character traits and as a tool for predicting the future. Psychological Astrology moves beyond this, to seeing the birthchart as a symbolic map of our internal landscape and descriptive of a process that deepens and transmutes over the course of a lifetime.

The birthchart is a potent diagnostic tool, offering unparalled insight into our inner patterns, core conflicts, needs and drives, this then forms the foundation for the counselling/guiding process.

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