What is Astrological Counselling?

Astrological Counselling

A priceless jewel to support your unfolding…

Traditionally people have spoken of “getting my chart done” or getting a reading, a popular approach that tends to belie the depth and complexity contained within the birthchart and therefore the psyche. In reality our relationship to and our expression of the planetary energies unfolds and evolves all our lives.

The birthchart, much like a dream, is a symbolic tool. It is generally understood that the ultimate expert on the dream is the dreamer. Similarly, rather than me simply ‘interpreting’ your chart, together, we explore how the chart’s images are personally meaningful to you. This is an empowering and client -centred approach which vivifies rather than limits the astrological symbols.

In the same way a person would seek out a counsellor to explore or resolve an issue in their life, Astrological  Counselling is also guided by the client,   we work  with whatever issues a person brings to the session. Through a process of attentive listening and questioning I am able to hear how you are currently experiencing or expressing the energies in your chart.  Overtime the skeleton of impersonal images contained in the birthchart are fleshed out by your personal story and  underlying patterns and inner characters reveal themselves within the vessel of the counselling process.

Astrological Counselling enables you to digest and implement what arises both internally and practically. Over time, you can explore the deeper layers of yourself not immediately revealed and gain my encouragement and assistance in taking practical action to manifest desired change. This approach combines inner work and outer action and draws on a range of creative and therapeutic tools.

By developing a more conscious attendance to what is showing up in your life in the form of people, dreams, inner responses, events, challenges and ideas ordinary life becomes embued with the extraordinary.

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