What clients have to say:

  • Charlotte Blick

    The sessions I had with Cheska were always very insightful, and helped me gain clarity and thus understanding around the themes and issues I was facing in my life. There would often be unexpected insights that were always uncannily accurate in relation to myself.


    As a result I would leave the session with a sense of the load being lifted and amazement at the ‘magic’ of astrology. How could so much be revealed that seemed so accurate to my personality and my life challenges? Working with Cheska lifted my spirits, gave clarity to challenges in my life,and strengthened my ability to determine direction and purpose in my life.Charlotte Blick – Early Intervention Teacher

  • Nick Karr

    Cheska has really helped me understand my emotional and psychological processes, thus facilitating me to change. She did that by applying all her knowledge of counselling and astrology, as well as by being an authentic, warm human being who accepts totally where the client is at.


    She has a real sense of the client’s journey, and her interventions are well timed, thoughtful and go deep, without overwhelming. I have seen many therapists and alternative practitioners in my time, and can only say Cheska is special in helping people to understand themselves.Nick Karr – Psychotherapist

  • Annette Kampen

    Being a practical Capricorn, I appreciate Cheska’s interpretation style of referencing the horoscope to what’s current in my life. I come away with my vision broadened and my understanding deepened of what’s going on for me right now, inside and in the outer world.


    Cheska’s depth of insight into the human condition, her vast knowledge of astrology and her eloquence in explaining the patterns and dynamics she sees always impresses and leave me inspired. I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone wanting to understand their own journey more deeply.Annette Kampen – Homeopath

  • Cate Murphy

    I would like to recommend Cheska as a window into your soul and what makes us tick. I learnt a lot about myself and where my lessons to learn were thru the birthchart. It was inspiring and deep reaching. It helped me learn to understand myself and accept myself more. Thanks Cheska.Cate Murphy – Tattoo Artist

  • Barbara Newby

    Amazing astrological counselling. Cheska combines a lifetime of astrological knowledge with deep interest and listening. I have seen therapists, counsellors, and healers of all kinds over the past 40 years but she sees, hears, and reflects with unparalleled skill. Now I stay in touch for a consult several times a year and its as worthwhile every time.Barbara Newby – Counsellor

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