My approach

The birthchart, much like a dream, is a symbolic tool. It is generally understood that the ultimate expert on the dream is the dreamer. Similarly, rather than me simply ‘interpreting’ your chart, together, we explore how the chart’s images are personally meaningful to you. This is an empowering and client-centred approach which vivifies rather than limits the astrological symbols.

What I offer…

  • A collaborative and interactive dialogue about the images in your birthchart
  • A client- centered approach that views you as the authority of you
  • A way of working with Astrology that is deeply embedded with day-to-day ordinary life
  • Translation of the Astrological symbols into understandable everyday language
  • A way of working that supports your inner wisdom and knowing
  • An approach that understands the chart and the images as symbolic of a process and ever changing
  • A non- judgmental and compassionate view of behavior patterns
  • Respectful honoring of the complexity of the psyche including its timing and pace
  • Seeing the Astrological model as a creative, imaginal approach

What I don’t offer…

An astrological consultation where I talk and you listen0xe816
A ‘reading’ with no participation or collaboration from you0xe816
Fortune Telling / Prediction0xe816
Fixed interpretation of the chart0xe816
Good/bad thinking0xe816
Quick fix0xe816
Information about another person’s chart0xe816

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