Experiential Astrology is full of variety and vitality. Its methods can be applied to Astrological education, one to one consultations, workshops and community events.

Astrological Counselling’s beauty lies in its ability to create imaginative links between the clients and student’s every-day life and the Astrological archetypes, without compromising the mystery, depth and vitality of this rich symbolic language.

As Pluto continues its journey through Sagittarius, Astrologers need to utalize methods that encourage students and clients to dive deep into the well of astrological knowledge, in a way that is empowering and transforming.

I will finish with a quote from the educator, John Broomfield’s book ‘Other ways of knowing’.

We learn from words.
We learn more forcefully from forms, images, and sounds
Means that engage more than the intellect
And involve more than one of our senses
Effective education therefore must have a large experiential component.

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